Age is just a number they say!

Thank you everyone for your warm birthday wishes and blessings as I turned 41 yesterday ♥

In my late 30s, I was a bit apprehensive about turning 40 in a few years. This decade between 30-40 years probably flies down the fastest since most of us are in the peak of our professional careers during this time. It was nothing different for me. Hence, in a way, I was not prepared to turn 40 😛

You always feel like a 20 year old even when you are in your late 30s. It is only when you see your friends do you realize that you ‘might’ have aged like them. You see their grey hair, their fitness goes for a toss and they start talking about spirituality 🙂

After I crossed the 40 year mark last year, I feel I have accepted the fact that I have actually been around for these many years on this earth. The body has got its own mind now but the spirit is still has nifty as ever. In fact, I feel like a much younger guy trapped in the body of a 40 year old J Yes, the metabolism is not the same but I have started hitting the gym more than before. I feel much more at ease with where I am right now. I don’t need to say stuff to please people now (didn’t do much of that earlier anyways). I don’t care about loyalty so long as I am being a trustworthy friend to my friends and a responsible family member to my family. I still ‘make’ time for things that I love to do and I plan to continue doing that for the years to come.

Each year that I put behind me has made me wiser by helping me learn from my mistakes. Mistakes where I lost money trusting people, mistakes where I lost people I thought were my friends and mistakes where I put things before my own health and peace of mind. I am proud of all these mistakes that have been instrumental in shaping my character and strengthening my spirit. I am already excited about this decade and I will probably welcome 50 much more positively than when I turned 40.

This decade is going to be about continuing to explore things outside my comfort zone, having fun at every given opportunity and giving back to the society at large in some purposeful way.

I will continue to stay the eternal optimist that I am but I will just have less tolerance for BS going forward. So if you don’t like what I dished out to you, you probably asked for it!

Where is the beer now!

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